Finger on the Trigger

He’s got that T & R look,
street stuff to the core.
An edgy, hard, spring,
a faster remedy
than your bouncercizer.
Even the air respects this
backstreet royalty, keeps his
Crazy Horse hair and
tiny pore, proud brown
face fresh during
night rounds.

His number you got,
burning a hole,
smouldering in your smug
above-it-all wallet
of pretensions. Twitchy fingers
won’t dig it out though. He could
cost some coin and
like you, he prefers
to shag the familiar.

He’s a high risk girlfriend.
And as if you don’t know
what risk, here’s a list.
To re-offend,
to give you trich, syph,
hep, the virus.
To smack you around,
to break your heart,
to give you an intense ride
back to your reckless self who
can fall in love and laugh at

Just right for someone
whose own whistling
in her nose
scares her at night.


SU: This image of the knife got the most reaction. Whenever people spoke openly about the website to Ahasiw and I, they would bring up ‘the guy with the knife’. Used in this poem (which I think was by Elvina Piapot) and also as the entry image for the website, it had a central role to the Spider Language project.
Here’s what we heard: violent; aggressive; unfavourable depiction of aboriginals/youth/aboriginal youth; dangerous; not in spirit of the site; why did we use that and not a spider?; etc. etc.
Here’s what we saw: strength.
(and brats both, I admit we thought it was hot, too).

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