Leaving town on Saturday night.

He, the old man walking stiff like a bored saint.
She, the old lady following not too far behind.

To sit, drink and smoke in a bush.

He, the old man with beer and a pack of smokes.
She, the old lady following not too far behind.

Under soft starry skies beside a dried out slough.

He, the old man curled in the cat-tails.
She, the old lady leaving him not too far behind.

Ahasiw multiple exposure

“Indigenous digital artists around the world are deeply engaged with, and provide important contributions to interdisciplinary and cross-community dialogues about cultural self-determination. Their works explore and bear witness to the contemporary relevance of the histories of Indigenous oral cultures and profound connections to their widely varying lands. They also reveal the creative drive that is at the heart of Indigenous survival. The cultures of animist peoples require a continual sensitivity to, and negotiation with the cultures of all of the beings and forces of their interconnected worlds. The ancient process of successfully adapting to their worlds’ shifting threats and opportunities—innovating the application of best practices to suit complex and shifting flows—from a position of equality and autonomy within them, is the macro and micro cosmos of contemporary Indigenous cultures: a truly networked way of being.”
– from his 2005 essay Drumbeats to Drumbytes: Globalizing Networked Aboriginal Art

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