Ahasiw - CyberPowWow Cross

AP: His understanding of colonialism, and the counter-balancing forces at play in the spirit world remains an inspiration to me.

The contemporary worldview of animist peoples is complex and profoundly troubled. They give great care and respect to spiritual forces that resonate throughout the animist world, especially in relation to the natural environment through which spirits reveal their presence and make evident their strength and influence. The current rapidly-destructive millennium is very recent in relation to the length of the prehistory of oral language animist cultures (the time before writing and its attendant agrarian-driven crisis). However, the mass-scale environmental change that it has brought is known to have extreme consequences by those who believe that the natural world is a rich and powerful spiritual ecology—necessary to, but not necessarily tolerant toward human survival, culture and identity.
From his 2005 essay, “Sneakup and the Totentanz: All Our Relations Confronting the Dance of Death”